STUDY: ‘Disney elevates heterosexuality to powerful, magical heights’

Recent findings – published in the latest issue of Gender & Society – confirm what we’ve been considering. Disney can be a breeding ground for heterosexuality.

Researchers studied top grossing G-rated children’s films from 1990-2005, and their findings challenge the belief that seemingly innocent movies are without sexuality. And the research could help to explain why kids think being straight is the norm – by the time they enter elementary school.

Analysts determine films relegate homosexuality to the “abnormal, unusual and unexpected”. Heterosexuality is not only the norm in such films, but it’s “also depicted as being exceptional, powerful, transformative and magical”.

According to co-authors Karin Martin and Emily Kazyak, “The media are an important avenue of children’s sexual socialization because young children are immersed in media-rich worlds.”