Australian woman carrying child for gay brother

The Courier-Mail reports on one Queensland man’s challenge to build a family. His sister is having a baby for him via surrogacy, and she was inseminated with anonymous donor sperm. The child will not have interaction with the biological father.

According to the news source:

Stephen Page, a partner at Brisbane’s Harrington Family Lawyers and an expert on gay and lesbian law issues, said all surrogacy arrangements in Queensland were illegal.

Mr. Page said the only way for the pregnancy to be legal would be if the child would be treated as her own.

In a post on an internet forum in April, the “gay dad-to-be” admitted that his case was unorthodox: “I guess the other thing that makes my situation a little unique is that I intend to be a sole parent. I am single, and am looking forward to being a single dad.”

“(In Queensland) you’ve got to be married for two years to adopt,” Mr. Page said. “It actively discriminates against gays and lesbians.”

He said an unmarried person could seek a Supreme Court order, but the costs of a trial would be overwhelming.