How a gay man and a straight woman live together and raise a child

Terry’s online ad read: ‘Creative 44-year-old redhead, raised a Catholic, four younger sisters, nine nieces and nephews, love kids and have always wanted to have a child, but never thought possible.’

Selina responded to the ad, they quickly conceived a baby together, and the parents named their daughter Isabella [pictured]. Selina’s straight – Terry’s gay.

The UK’s Daily Mail explains: Both were keen for Isabella’s conception to be as ‘unclinical’ as possible. As soon as an ovulation prediction kit indicated that Selina was at her most fertile, she would ring Terry and go round to his flat.

A few weeks after their third attempt, Selina phoned Terry with the words: ‘We are pregnant.’

But what about the future? All parents at some point disagree over the raising of their children, despite shared values and similar upbringing. Even though they are the best of friends and patently are sincere, selfaware people, Selina and Terry have known each other for just 18 months.

Image: Daily Mail