Custody battle finally ends for lesbian moms in Pennsylvania

After two years of court battle, Lisa Lewis will get to spend time with her daughter.

In granting the Sharon, Pennsylvania woman visitation with the 7-year-old, Court Judge Christopher J. St. John ruled that Jeanette Rowan, the child’s biological mother and Ms. Lewis’ former partner of 11 years, has been a good parent but also ’controlling and manipulative’ in keeping the girl from Ms. Lewis.

Ms. Rowan testified she opposed granting visitation to Ms. Lewis because the girl has medical problems, including asthma, autism, and a probable mitochondrial illness that could be causing a number of ailments, including a weakened immune system.

Testimony from a day-care supervisor and physical therapist for Ms. Rowan painted her as a very active, concerned parent. Ms. Rowan took care of the bulk of the child’s needs and ’is an excellent mother with excellent parenting skills,’ St. John said, but, he noted that Ms. Lewis also participated in the girl’s upbringing.

Ms. Rowan had also objected to granting visitation to Ms. Lewis, saying she’d had to seek protection-from-abuse orders against Mrs. Lewis over the course of their relationship. St. John’s findings of fact said there was no evidence of any wrongdoing on Ms. Lewis’ part.