Family gets “society’s stamp of approval”

Hannah Vahl profiles a pioneering family in Madison, Connecticut headed by Donna Gardner [left] and Cathy Griffith. The couple, together for 27 years, have three children – all with the help of artificial insemination [left to right, Jake, Zach and Liz].

Along with their other obvious achievements, these moms were first in Madison – population approximately 18,500 – to receive a same-sex marriage license.

Vahl, reporting for ShoreLineTimes.com, writes that the couple previously fought Madison public schools in order to get its forms to read ‘parent and parent’ rather than ‘mother and father.’ Griffith used to be left off of a school student directory until she threatened legal action. Afterward, her name always appeared alongside Gardner’s.

“We never thought we would see this in our lifetimes,” said Griffith. Being able to request a marriage license, she added, “is validating. It feels right.”

Still, said Griffith in a later interview, “It’s only recognized in Connecticut and Massachusetts. It’s not federally recognized. But it’s a step in the right direction.”

Image: Dennis Bell