Children’s media experts offer recommendations for beneficial TV

The Smart Television Alliance reminds us that TV can be beneficial. In an email to subscribers the Alliance writes, “There is quality TV out there – programs that are not only kid-appropriate, but entertaining and educational as well. The trick is finding them. Luckily, we’ve got the resources to help you do just that.”

STA offers a few easy steps to help you take control of your family’s television:

  • Get the inexpensive technology that is available and use it. Pick the shows you want and watch those shows on your own schedule, not the times they’re programmed. This way, you can choose the shows your kids watch ahead of time to make sure they’re getting the best from TV, manage when they watch (after homework)… and watch your favorite shows after they go to bed. You can do this with a digital video recorder, DVDs or a VCR, and often with video on demand.
  • Let your kids learn from TV. Studies show that educational TV can improve young children’s language development and general school readiness. Be sure to visit our Children’s Television Recommendations Page to see what our chidren’s media experts recommend and leave your own ratings and comments.
  • Get a better view. Find programming that relates to specific school topics, family events, and current issues. Talk to your children about what they’re watching and how it relates to their lives.