Wisconsin billboard campaign increases awareness of lesbian and gay neighbors

A new billboard campaign in Milwaukee is designed to affect stereotypes about gay and lesbian community members. The Cream City Foundation’s “Gay Neighbor” media campaign is designed to illustrate that lesbian and gay people are typical people with average lives.

Denise Cawley – who helped create the campaign said: “We tried single people, we tried couples by themselves. None of those sorts of images worked as well as presenting people in the sense of family.”

Marc, Thor and their two-year-old daughter Lily are pictured on one of the billboards. Thor says Lily entered their lives in December, 2006.

“We fostered her until March of 2008. And although the state recognized both of us as foster parents, the state only recognizes one of as adoptive parents. And I’m the adoptive parent, which means I’m the only that’s legally recognized. This campaign is hopefully going to illustrate same sex couples should also be co-parenting,” Thor says.

The ads will be displayed throughout the city, including at bus shelters and inside the Amtrak Station.

2 thoughts on “Wisconsin billboard campaign increases awareness of lesbian and gay neighbors

  • September 22, 2008 at 5:21 pm


    To Marc, Thor and Miss Lily,

    I love the photo of you three together. It has a warm feeling to it. I was not sure if I supported same-sex adoptions a few weeks ago; but my teacher have me during some research on the subject, and I have learn so much. I am please to say that there is nothing wrong in same-sex adoption. As long as the child is happy and being cared for than that is what is important. Lily is very lucky to have two parents that love her. I also wanted to ask why Marc don’t adopt under the second-parent law; that way both of you can be legally recognized?

    Any how good luck in raising your sweet baby.

  • November 21, 2008 at 1:10 pm

    To Marc, Thor and Miss Lily,

    Best family picture ever. Touched my heart. You both look so happy and in adoration with her, and she is lovely. I’m posting this on my blog for added expossure for the billboard.

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