Raising a Bilingual Child. A guide for parents who are questioning how to raise a child to be biliterate

For the many parents who are interested in giving their children the benefits of becoming bilingual but aren’t sure how to teach a second language, Raising a Bilingual Child is an essential resource. The step-by-step guide is the perfect combination of information, encouragement and practical advice. Bilingualism expert Dr. Barbara Zurer Pearson includes information gleaned from over 20 years of research experience as well as parents’ testimonials, helpful lists of what to do and what not to do, and frequently asked questions.

It is both a handbook for parents, a reference book for teachers, and a natural text for courses in education and language.” – Fred Genesee, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, McGill University, Co-author of Dual Language Instruction: A Handbook for Enriched Education

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