New York lesbian couple wins fight against Blue Cross & Blue Shield

Less than three weeks after the New York Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Western New York, the health insurance company has announced it will begin covering married same-sex couples.

Insurance Journal reports that a lesbian couple – who married in Canada – have won their fight against the company over spousal health care benefits.

The NYCLU sued Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Western New York on the couple’s behalf earlier this month. The lawsuit accused the insurer of discrimination and of breaching its contract with the school district that employs one of the women.

According to the NYCLU, Blue Cross & Blue Shield now says it will cover married same-sex couples.

“We applaud Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Western New York for following the law and treating all married couples the same,” said Donna Lieberman, NYCLU executive director. “Families who were denied coverage up until this point will now be able to protect themselves with health care coverage.”

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