Innovative Sperm Bank Offers Donor Video and Pictures

Gail Taylor, President, today announced the launch of Fertility Cryobank, the world’s first sperm bank to offer donor videos. Fertility Cryobank is one of the few sperm banks in the country to provide recent photos and a comprehensive genetic evaluation for each donor. It is the only sperm bank in the world to provide videos of every donor, as well as rigorous psychological and IQ testing.

“Fertility Cryobank was created to give future parents the power of choice,” said Taylor. “The concept behind the company is that we couldn’t imagine choosing a sperm donor without a comprehensive profile that includes both pictures and video. Our sperm donor profiles bring the potential contribution made by each sperm donor to life and provide invaluable information for the future children.”

While the company incorporates rigorous medical standards, Fertility Cryobank sits outside the industry paradigm with a client-centric approach. Its founders have structured the donor selection process as an innovative, interactive experience. Through Internet technology, Fertility Cryobank has made it accessible for any individual or couple to choose a donor in the privacy of their own home, with complete information available at their fingertips.

“Our database is driven by advanced Internet technologies, which has made developing our unique program possible,” said Taylor. “From the day a potential sperm donor submits an online application, their appointments, test results and samples are tracked through a documented process of screening, donating, quarantine, purchase and shipment. Each step is securely safeguarded, monitored, evaluated and validated by our secure, state-of-the art, Web-based system.”

“As the mother of two children created through the assistance of sperm donation, I am thrilled that our company will help clients make this process personal, comfortable, safe and easy,” Taylor adds. “With our program’s assistance, parents can see, choose and be empowered during the very personal process of sperm donor selection.”

To learn more about Fertility Cryobank, please visit www.fertilitycryobank.com.

About Fertility Cryobank, LLC
Fertility Cryobank and its affiliate company, Growing Generations, are organizations passionately dedicated to the vision of creating life and, in the process, changing the world. The companies’ mission is simple — to build families of choice around the world through surrogacy, egg donation and sperm donation. The company is a recognized leader in providing services to a wide range of family types including gay and lesbian, heterosexual, single, and persons with HIV.

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