ProudParenting.com celebrates Mother’s Day. We share our favorite blogs written by moms and intended moms

We’ve got a wide range of women who visit and contribute to ProudParenting.com’s network. Some like to comment on articles, some lurk – while reading as much as possible, and many women are writing blogs.

In honor of Mother’s Day weekend, we are highlighting some of the women on our site. Six females who have the calling to be a parent. Each has created an insiteful and entertaining blog, and they are featured in our Editor’s Picks area [upper right corner of the page].

Michigan’s SaraM posts about subjects ranging from nursery preparation to GLBT retirement communities.

“We are having a garage sale of everything we do not use next weekend, so we hauled it all out to the garage to get ready. Most of it was being stored in our “extra” room, which is the future nursery (hopefully). Shannon sparked up when I asked her to pick out some colors to paint that room, trying to find a balance between being able to go with a boy or girl baby (I don’t want to know until I deliver) and colors we can live with if we do not conceive.”

Us 2 is sharing their story of home insemination from Iowa.

“Well, no luck again this month. The waiting takes everything out of Us 2! We decided to see the doc for the next run! We called and talked to him and he has no problem using our donor sperm and doing the insemination in the office.”

KristenB celebrates her lesbian moms by providing a loving and unique perspective from a child raised by same-sex parents.

“My mom came out to me when I was 8. At that time I just understood that my mom loved a woman instead of a man and that other people wouldn’t like it, so I had to keep it a secret.”

misselley shares her stories about being adopted and placing her own son for adoption.

“I will never forget having to leave that hospital without my son. That tiny, helpless baby…and I was walking away. Of course, I was also extremely confident in my choice of adoptive parents. It was just before Christmas and I felt as though I were giving them the best Christmas present ever.”

North Carolina couple Diana and Melissa are determined to get pregnant.

“Finally we can try again! Our IUI this month is on the 18th! We are so excited we can finally start trying for a baby again and are hoping, of course, it happens the first try! :)”

And Way Out Parent – Carrie Smith – is a writer who exposes a funny side to lesbian and gay parenting. Carrie examines all corners of this new frontier in her blog.

“As a full-fledged member of the gay culture, you are fluent in the rich language of your heritage. But sometimes you forget that you are bilingual, and you lapse into your gay language at home. This can cause great consternation for your straight children who are listening and don’t understand.”

Take a look at our Editor’s Picks which highlight the moms and intended moms of ProudParenting.com. Don’t forget to say “hello”!

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