A lesbian’s daughter explores gay parenting in documentary film. Kids talk about their childhoods

NewsBlaze reviews Meema Spadola’s film about kids of lesbian and gay parents.

Spadola’s documentary – called Our House: A Very Real Documentary About Kids of Gay & Lesbian Parents [2000] – is threaded with interviews involving families like ours. Incidentally, Spadola is the daughter of a lesbian. The director uses her own life lessons to examine the diverse experiences our children.

According to IMDB: “The documentary profiles sixteen sons and daughters between the ages of four and twenty-three in five diverse families who are facing the usual highs and lows of growing up while encountering varied reactions from extended family, classmates, teachers, neighbors, and public officials.”

NewsBlaze says: “Despite the emotionally-draining conflicts which apparently forces most of these unusually mature adolescents to deal with a variety of adult social concerns, it is also obvious that all of them love their gay parents dearly, and only wish the rest of the world wouldn’t make sexual preference an issue. A wealth of wisdom out of the mouths of babes.”

To find the families in the documentary, Spadola and her staff worked with COLAGE. The group’s website says OUR HOUSE is airing periodically on Sundance Channel.

DVD extras include an interview with the director Meema Spadola. A discussion and resource guides are also included. The film’s available on video from First Run / Icarus Films: 800-876-1710 / mailroom@frif.com