Florida’s amendment will take benefits away from unmarried citizens. Children with gay or lesbian parents will suffer.

The following video shows what can happen when constitutional amendments are passed. Tom and Dennis Patrick lost their joint health benefits when Michigan passed an amendment to “protect” families. The Patrick family lost their shared health insurance after Michigan’s attorney general ruled that state employees could no longer share benefits. The new policy became effective almost immediately after the Michigan amendment was passed – and now the couple’s three sons are in jeopardy of losing their health insurance.

Florida voters will vote on Amendment #2 this year, which would take away the ability to visit loved ones in the hospital, require government to take a large role in all our lives, and eliminate insurance benefits for non-married couples [as in the case of the Michigan fathers shown in the video].

3 thoughts on “Florida’s amendment will take benefits away from unmarried citizens. Children with gay or lesbian parents will suffer.

  • May 6, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    Sorry, but this is stupidity on the part of ALL GAY PEOPLE WHO STILL LIVE IN FLORIDA!! Much less, this country. Why in the world would you adopt (and pay taxes. and contribute to society) in a state that gives NO RIGHTS to gay people. Then turn around and bitch when they pass a law like this, like it was a shock. I get it, the weather is nice. But if you trade some comfort for some peace of mind, then you deserve what you get. My bf and I are in Michigan, planning to move to London, Ontario. And I’ll be outside shoveling snow off my car, cursing the very existence of winter, BUT I’ll be legally married with legally adopted kids.

  • June 4, 2008 at 10:56 pm

    Gays live everywhere, not just in Canada. American citizens should not have to fight for the rights that everyone else has, and that they do not just because they can’t legally be married – or in some cases, are taken away because they are gay (something they did not choose).

    I actually find gay people who put down other gays offensive. If we can’t support each other, how can we expect others to support us?

    You have every right to move. But you shouldn’t have to. And not every is able to pick up and move to Canada. Aside from the cost, the legal aspect is daunting.

    Fortunately, I do believe change is coming to all the U.S. I hope it is soon enough that these kids and others like them don’t suffer because of discriminatory laws.

  • July 29, 2008 at 12:57 am

    Americans as a whole have the right to live where they please and do as they please. Being gay shouldn’t limit your rights anymore then if I was a woman or a person of color. I should, as an American adult be allowed to live my life how I see fit, this inculdes marring whom ever I please.

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