Kenneth Cole raises awareness of same-sex parents. Lesbian moms offer a beautiful video describing their family

“To be aware is more important than what you wear.” -Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. continues to embrace diversity with its advertising. In a gorgeous new video – to support the company’s charitable initiative (AWEARNESS) – Miami’s Nicoletta, Joanna, and Ruthie (2 y.o.) – do a fantastic job representing same-sex parents.

The women have been together for over 10 years, and worked with an open donor from a sperm bank. Their arrangement will allow Ruthie to contact the biological father when she turns eighteen – if she wants to. Watch the video. You’ll agree that Ruthie will feel protected and empowered as she matures with these two moms.

AWEARNESS -KENNETH COLE is the company’s charitable initiative that supports a number of worthy social causes.

A collection of graphic T-shirts are available to raise funds for the cause. Our favorite shirt says, Support Same-Shoe Marriage. $10 from the sale of every T-shirt will be donated to the AWEARNESS FUND to fight AIDS and help the homeless.

(via Family Equality Council Blog)