Family Equality Council responds to national trend. Advocacy group reaches out to lesbian and gay families of color

The Family Equality Council recently blogged about a new initiative – called Project Harmony.

The post says, “The project will deepen and broaden the Family Equality Council’s work, ensuring that the issues and concerns of families of color are part of the national dialogue on LGBTQ family equality.”

Newly hired program manager, Lisbeth Meléndez-Rivera will be coordinating the effort.

She states, “Existing research shows that households including gay Latino men and African-American lesbians have the highest concentration of children among LGBTQ-headed families. We as a movement have much to learn from the struggles and successes of these families.”

The Family Equality Council is the national advocacy organization dedicated to securing family equality for LGBTQ parents, guardians and allies. The group believes that parents should be directly involved in the advocacy work that affects their lives. Project Harmony will support LGBTQ parents of color – integrating their concerns into a national model of service.