Two Philadelphia dads make a 17th-century landmark mansion fit their growing family, paying special attention to the nursery.

Cookie magazine features a home makeover story about a family outside of Philadelphia, living in a 1683 colonial-style building. The family consists of Chris, Oscar, and their son, Lucas, who was born in June 2006 via surrogate.

The family moved into the mansion – named Point Reading – in 2003 and began it’s restoration immediately.

Cookie says: “Some of the most endearingly personal updates can be seen in Pont Reading’s four murals, created by artist Matthew Austin. The true masterpiece is in Lucas’s nursery (pictured here), where he created a fantasy land with everything from robots to chimps and from birds to clouds – anything that might inspire stories or pay homage to existing ones. Special care was taken, too, to portray courageous kid moments, like a child in a boat surrounded by lightning, who is smiling and covering his ears. The mural is done in the style of a child’s drawing. To get the truest kid-like results, Austin ended up drawing a lot of the animal figures with his left hand and his feet.”

The Ardmore, Pennsylvania home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The family will welcome a second baby – also via surrogate – this summer.

You can view Cookie’s slide show of the mansion at Cookiemag.com.