Family Equality Council picks books with diverse family themes to highlight National Diversity Book Month for Children

Family Equality Council has announced on its blog that February 1st will be the start of Dive Into Diversity Days: National Diversity Book Month for Children.

Julia’s post on the blog says:

“There are 5 ways that you can celebrate this glorious month. There will be a video posted of me reading Molly’s Family by Nancy Garden – we invite you to read along as we watch Molly tell her kindergarten class about her two moms. There will be a master list of LGBTQ-family friendly books which we encourage you to: donate a few of the listed books to a local library or school, bring the list into your schools and challenge your library to match it, or volunteer to read one of the books at a local story hour in your library or child’s school. We will also have a yummy hot chocolate recipe on this “National Diversity Book Month” page so you can cozy up and enjoy your books in a cuddly setting!”