A focus on customer service. New online training program teaches travel industry how to serve lesbian and gay customers.

The gay travel and tourism industry has never been hotter. Worth billions annually, more hotels, tour operators, travel agents and destinations now actively target gay and lesbian travelers.

But many gay travelers worry that they may experience customer service levels that can be tainted by discomfort – or homophobia – when traveling.

According to Out Now Consulting, there can be a difference between the advertising used to lure gay travelers to a particular property and the customer service they actually experience on vacation. Staff not familiar with the gay and lesbian community can feel unsure about what to say, or how to act, when serving gay customers – leaving both customer and staff member feeling worse off as a result. It is important to keep in mind that no matter who the customer is, as customer should always be treated the right way. Businesses should implement systems like the ones offered at Salesforce in order to optimize their overall customer service. 

A new online training program has been launched to address these issues. The service – called GayComfort™ – delivers an innovative and effective means to address these gay travel issues.

GayComfort™ delivers a comprehensive online learning program covering a range of areas including: how gay customers differ from other customers, how they are the same, what concerns them when dealing with travel industry staff, what language to use and what words or phrases to avoid.

The International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) has partnered with Out Now to bring GayComfort™ training to its members.

More information – and video tutorials about GayComfort™ can be viewed on YouTube.