Who’s Cate Edwards?

Democratic Presidential contender, John Edwards, has stated he does not support gay marriage – but his wife, Elizabeth, does.

What do other family members think about the subject?

Edwards mentioned his children at a New Hampshire debate, when he told the crowd that his oldest daughter, Cate (25), believes in marriage equality.

Cate was recently in Des Moines – campaigning for her father – when she was asked about her views on the topic.

“I’m on my mom’s side with this, not my dad’s. It’s the word ‘marriage’ that he is hung up on. It’s not about gay rights.”

Cate went on, “He very much does not understand. He has trouble – I guess – with the term ‘gay marriage.’ I don’t.”

“I’m not going to try to defend him on that because I don’t agree with it, but that’s where he stands. But I don’t want it to be understood as not standing for gay rights because that’s certainly not true.”

Cate Edwards attended Princeton University, majoring in political economics and graduating with honors. She worked as an editorial assistant for Vanity Fair magazine and – while in New York – co-founded UrbanistaOnline.com. She started attending Harvard Law School in the fall of 2006.

Photo: CNN.com
Father/Daughter Photo: JohnEdwards.com