The Smart Television Alliance says good TV exists. Use it to educate and entertain your kids.

A group in D.C. is increasing awareness of quality children’s programming by educating parents and caregivers about good choices for television. The Smart Television Alliance doesn’t encourage kids to watch more TV – its goal is to help you find shows that are educational and entertaining.

The group says:

  • The problem isn’t the amount of television watched, but the content your kids may be seeing. And two-thirds of children have televisions in their bedrooms. If you’re not watching with them, how do you know what they’re watching?

Good TV exists although there’s plenty of bad television – and opportunistic commercials.

Smart Television Alliance offers solutions to finding educational and entertaining programming:

  • Watch TV on your own schedule. Get a Tivo or DVR and record shows. Watch the shows with your kids, and skip through commercials.
  • Let your kids learn from TV. Educational TV can improve young children’s language development and general school readiness.
  • Find programming that relates to school topics, family events, and current issues.
  • Sign-up for the Smart News e-newsletter for bi-weekly children’s programming recommendations.