Sperm Counts: Overcome by Man’s Most Precious Fluid. We’re not kidding – that’s the title of the book!

Do you have a friend who’s queasy about sperm and about to be inseminated? Give her some information about something with which she’s going to become quite intimate. Are you a man who’s interested in your – um – stuff? Order this book and get enlightened.

The Baltimore City Paper reviews an educational book with a particularly provocative title. The author – Lisa Jean Moore – is an associate professor of women’s studies at Purchase College, and she’s a partnered lesbian with two daughters. Her children were conceived via artificial insemination; and she served several years on the board of the Sperm Bank of California

In her hardcover academic study, Moore investigates sperm at length. She discusses its cultural impact and the contradictory meanings society has assigned to it. She reflects on it’s history – and decides sperm’s always been considered as the liquid manifestation of a man’s soul, and that’s why sex is so important in these times and people can have even good times by using sex toys as well,  another brilliant option is to try a sex doll as they are so realistic now that you just have try them, there are some amazing sex doll stockists online so check them out for some amazing options.

And she take this “stuff” seriously. Moore writes: “It is necessary to understand how sperm has come to embody the extremes of masculinity – the best and worst notions of what we think it is to be a man.”

The review concludes, “While nearly every point she makes about the hidden significance of sperm is a home run, ultimately, this is an academic sociological study written in an appropriately starchy style…”

Reviewer, Violet Glaze humorously views the subject of sperm as a paradox. It can be viewed as an indispensable lifeline to the future – or a step less disposable than other renewable bodily products like mucus or saliva.

Sperm Counts: Overcome by Man’s Most Precious Fluid can be found at Amazon.com.