First week of preschool

This was Chloe’s first week of preschool. We were both anxious – but tried not to show it.

I sat with her during her first day. I attempted to be inconspicuous – in a quiet corner. But I must say, the little girls in her class loved me. I was definitely the most popular boy in class that first day. One little girl even wiped her booger on my face. Oh yes, she went “there”. But I remained calm – furiously searching my pockets for a Wet One – and smiling sweetly at her.

The second day Chloe wailed and cried as I was leaving. The teacher and administrators said it’d be best if I “just said goodbye – and left”. So I did. I turned around in the hallway to see Chloe running after me – the teacher gently leading her back to the classroom. I got in the truck, took several deep breaths, and called Mark for some support. I picked her up 3 hours later, and she was playing with the other kids. She didn’t notice I was standing there for about 5 minutes. Then her face lit-up and she ran into my arms for a big hug.

The third day, Chloe said she didn’t want to “be by herself” at school. She wanted me there too. I told her I had some errands to run and I’d be back very soon. She didn’t like to hear it – and she cried again. A sad kind of cry – not the kind of cry I hear when she wants a lollipop. But it was a cry of “goodbye” – her mouth turned under and her eyes filled with tears. Our first real goodbye. I picked her up 3 hours later. As I knelt down to chat with her classmates, I felt Chloe hug me from behind and she was sobbing a bit. It felt as if she was relieved that I came back for her. Now she understands that I’ll always come back for her.

On the fourth day, I brought cupcakes for Chloe’s class – to help her celebrate her third birthday. She seemed very proud to be able to share goodies with her new friends. As I was leaving, I told her I was going to run some errands and be right back. She gave me a big hug and kiss – and said goodbye – with a comfortable, confident smile.

2 thoughts on “First week of preschool

  • October 8, 2007 at 4:56 pm

    Sounds all to familiar. The secret is that as soon as you on the other side of the door….the drama stops. We end up feeling worse…who says parents corner the market on guilt! It will be great. However, wait for the bus!!!

  • February 17, 2008 at 4:50 am

    I am a preschool teacher, and see this happen quite frequently! Your daughter wants you to know that she is sad that you are going, but her teacher was right in asking you to say good-bye and leave. The longer you stay or come back into the room for one more hug/kiss, the longer she will stay upset and the longer it will take her to calm down. I hope she is loving her school. May I ask what you did to “prepare” the school and teachers for your unique family? I have yet to have this experience, and want to be prepared for when my partner and I have children.

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