Mom calls herself an “Ex-lesbian Christian” and continues custody battle with daughter’s other mom

A religious legal group presented oral arguments for Lisa Miller (r) against Janet Jenkins (l) in a groundbreaking custody case involving Vermont civil unions.

The couple were married in a Vermont civil union, and Miller became pregnant with their daughter via IVF. Miller then left Jenkins and fled to Virginia with the baby – refusing to let Jenkins visit their daughter. A Vermont judge dissolved the civil union and granted visitation rights to Jenkins, although she did not adopt Isabella – now 5-years-old.

Now Liberty Counsel is asking the Virginia Supreme Court to hear the case and uphold Virginia law that prohibits recognition of any rights associated with same-sex couples.

The Christian Post reports :

“Meanwhile, her daughter has reportedly become a witness for the Lord during her regular visits to Jenkins’ Vermont home.

According to Miller, Isabella told Jenkins that “God says I can’t have two mommies” although Miller had never told her daughter to say that. And in an April visit, Isabella asked Jenkins if she was a Christian and if she believed that Jesus had died on the cross for her sins.”