Lesbian daughter of anti-gay pastor defends herself against his latest attack on homosexuality.

Pastor Salvatore Roggio, of Millville, New Jersey, was compelled to hang a sign outside his church that read, “Help for the Homosexual” promoting the week’s sermon delivered by “ex-gay” Greg Quinlan.

“I do not believe that people are born gay,” Pastor Salvatore Roggio said, speaking in front of the sign.

“Help for the Homosexual” was the third in a four-week sermon series that focused on what Roggio labels “The Sexploitation of the Church.” Other topics touched on include pornography, infidelity in marriage and sex education in public schools. If people come, he said, they’ll discover what’s otherwise being hidden by a national media with a gay agenda.

Roggio believes homosexuality is an addiction – like alcoholism – and can be broken.

Unfortunately for Rev. Roggio’s daughter, she is a lesbian born into the family of a man who believes homosexuality is a choice. The 29-year-old woman came out to her parents when she was 18, after struggling for years with her sexuality and the ramifications of her father’s religious beliefs.

It is with great sadness that I learned of the public statements my father has made against my community,” said Sharon Roggio.

She continued, “Just as straight people never made the choice to be straight, gays and lesbians never made the choice to be gay.”

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One thought on “Lesbian daughter of anti-gay pastor defends herself against his latest attack on homosexuality.

  • February 23, 2008 at 11:56 pm

    my significant other is gay with a deacon father and a pastor grandfather.im not in her shoes exactly but im in the corner with her alot.i get how much it sucks.i get so fed up with the way her family treats me knowing that im out but their daughter isnt to them.its stupid how niave people are

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