Sperm donor reaches for moral high ground. But first he donates 10 separate times – and discovers he’s got 5 kids.

What makes a man decide to donate his sperm for an unidentified prospective parent? Does he ever think about the kids he may have helped create? And, what goes-on inside a man’s head when he’s in the “donor room” of a fertility clinic?

Australia’s The Age offers an opinion piece written by a man who’s visited the donor rooms frequently. He doesn’t give away any secrets about his thought process while inside the donating facility, but he shares his current condition of donor regret.

After devoting so much dedication to helping create thankful families, this man feels empty, used, and discarded. He writes, “As far as their parents are concerned, I am the man who never was. And, even should they ever find the courage to stop living in deceit, I may only at best become the man who was never meant to be.”

After 10 visits on the donating couch, this guy needs some time on the therapist’s couch.