Majority of New Jersey voters favor marriage equality. 61% expect the state to enact marriage equality soon.

As New Jersey marks the 6-month anniversary of it’s civil unions law, a recent Zogby poll shows 63% of N.J. voters say they’d be fine with the legislature upgrading civil unions to marriage equality.

  • 72% say legislators would be in no electoral danger if they enacted marriage equality
  • 61% say they expect the state to enact marriage equality within a couple of years

News organizations are reporting on the failure of the New Jersey civil union law to consistently provide equal rights to same-sex couples – and statistics show the law fails at least 1 in every 7 times.

Garden State Equality has posted the poll results.

“Regardless of whether any public official supports marriage equality or wants to maintain the state’s failed civil unions law,” said Steven Goldstein, chair of Garden State Equality, “no official in New Jersey can credibly say that marriage for gay couples is a divisive issue in the state. Even voters who oppose marriage equality are ready to accept an upgrade of the state’s civil unions law to real marriage equality.”