Oregon judge says laws discriminate against same-sex couples.

A lesbian couple in Oregon had a child two years ago through artificial insemination. The birth certificate was suppose to indicate both woman as parents, but the document arrived at their home with the other woman’s name crossed out. The child’s birth certificate recognized only the birth mother as the child’s parent, so the two women filed suit.

A Multnomah County Circuit Judge says two Oregon laws on parental rights violate the state’s constitution when applied to same-gender couples.

Judge Bloch found that assigning benefits based on marriage, while not permitting same-sex couples access to these benefits, constitutes illegal discrimination against certain families.

He determined Oregon’s new domestic partnership law would be a solution to the problem if it is goes into effect as planned on January 1st.

However, the couple and gay rights groups say a signature-collection effort is already under way to delay and ultimately overturn that law.