Friends In High Places: The latest elections are beginning to show the power of fair-minded voters.

Although President Bush maintains a conservative-Republican presence on every issue, Democrats now control both houses of Congress. They won majorities in 10 new state legislatures, and control a majority of America’s governorships.

In Iowa, Gov. Chet Culver signed a state Employment Nondiscrimination Act. Gov. Bill Ritter in Colorado signed a second parent adoption bill and is expected to sign a state ENDA soon. Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland signed an executive order banning discrimination against state employees based on sexual orientation or gender identity. And Gov. Deval Patrick in Massachusetts led the successful effort to keep an anti-marriage amendment off the ballot.

After taking control last year, we’re starting to see the benefit of more liberal leadership. The Washington Blade examines how Democrats are working towards equal rights for our families.