Who’s Your Sperm Donor?

As they grow and mature, children want to know about their biological origins. That is why Rainbow Flag Health Services allows the sperm donor (not the legal parent of the child) to be known to the child. Utilizing this unique service, it’s the only sperm bank to tell the mother who the donor is when the child is three months old. The mother is asked to contact the donor by the child’s first birthday. This is similar in concept to open adoption, where the birth mother is known to the child although she is not the child’s legal parent.

Rainbow Flag Health Services, located in Alameda, CA operates under California law [California Family Code Section 7613(b)] which legally separates Donor and Mother. The company ships to over 45 states for self insemination and to doctor’s offices for storage or intrauterine inseminations. Clients from outside of California are still covered by this law under the full faith and credit clause of the United States Constitution.

Rainbow Flag is the only sperm bank in North America to actively recruit gay and bisexual sperm donors. Learn more here.

2 thoughts on “Who’s Your Sperm Donor?

  • October 7, 2007 at 10:24 pm

    Please reconsider recommending Rainbow Flag Health Services. They are dangerous for Lesbian families because they encourage the donor to have a relationship with the child. No matter what legal documents both parties sign, this has repeatedly led to court-mandated custody or visitation “in the best interests of the child”. It is perfectly easy to get known donors through pretty much every sperm bank. Most banks offer the option of knowable donors (when the child is of age). Also, Rainbow Flag goes against the health recommendations of respected doctors’ organizations like the American Academy of Pediatricians by insisting that parents not circumcise their sons. I am suspicious about this organization because it does not test for very many diseases, doesn’t pay donors, only takes gay men, sets families up for legal trouble and tries to force parenting decisions on recipients.

  • April 11, 2008 at 5:52 pm

    Dangerous for lesbian families my ass. Everything normally works out fine. Things sometimes go wrong as in heterosexual relationships, but it seems to be a lot rarer for there to be problems with Rainbow Flag donors.

    It is *not* possible to get a known donor through *any* other sperm bank. What you can get is an ID-release donor. That means the children don’t know who their donor is till he’s 18, and even then some sperm banks let the donor change his mind.

    – They’ll test for the same diseases as any other bank.
    – They do *not* take only gay donors.
    – Not paying donors is a good thing, not a reason to criticise them.
    – The AAP does *not* recommend that parents circumcise boys. In fact, no national medical organisation does.

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