Mediating Parenting Disputes

Not every couple stays together, and some break-up after they have kids. Mediation of disputes between GL parents is becoming more common:

Regardless of one’s views concerning the propriety of gay families and the role of gays as parents, it is an inescapable fact that gay women and men are having children and creating nontraditional families. Although gay families most commonly are formed when a parent brings his or her children from a previous heterosexual relationship into a same-sex relationship, an increasing number of gays and lesbians are seeking to create families through second-parent adoption. In addition, lesbians are turning to alternative methods of insemination so that they can experience the miracle of childbearing together. Yet such natural behavior as creating families and entering parenthood creates a host of legal dilemmas that remain unresolved by our legal system.

Our relationships can be just as rocky as straight people’s. We need specific legal paremeters to help with our life changes.