Teen comes out to Catholic high school and gets a standing ovation

Finn Stannard was presenting a keynote address to 1,500 students and 200 staff at his all-boys Catholic school in Australia. He received a standing ovation after coming out during the speech.

He detailed the difficulties of coming out to people outside his family.

“While my family handled the news of my sexual identity perfectly, outside of home, being gay has not always been easy. I have been the subject of countless rumors and unpleasant jokes. Telling friends was difficult and came with a lot of anxiety. My main fear was no longer being accepted, of losing my friends, and being the subject of derogatory jokes.”

via Teen Vogue

Principal of St Ignatius’ College high school Paul Hine applauded the speech in statements made to SBS News. “I’m not sure anyone chooses their sexuality, that’s who they are and therefore we need to be open to that and to accept it and to make sure we live in communities of inclusion – and with that will come diversity,” he said.

Megan Stannard, the student’s mother, expressed gratitude for the support her son received after the speech.

The photo is from SBS News Twitter feed which states, “This is the moment a gay student at one of Sydney’s most elite Catholic schools … stood up in a packed assembly hall of more that 1,500 students came out.”