Colorado middle school invites drag queen for career day then apologizes to parents

The principal of a Colorado middle school is apologizing for not warning parents before a drag queen spoke to their children during career day. Some Rocky Top Middle School parents told the local news service KDVR they are furious that she was invited to speak.

KDVR reached out
to the Rocky Top principal, Chelsea Behanna, who said this event reflected the diversity of the community.

In a letter send home to parents, she wrote, “Jessica read a chapter from Horrible Harry and she used the text to illustrate the damage bullies can do, the need to always put kindness and acceptance at the forefront, and the shortsightedness of judging a book by its cover.”

Ms. Jessica told KDVR she used career day to show kids it’s okay to be different.

“I had a couple kids that were like, I’m gay in school and I get bullied every week and I don’t know what to do and just talking to you helped me realize that I can still be me and still be happy,” Jessica said. “I got messages being like, ‘thank you so much for coming to my class. I was having a really horrible week and you made my day.'”