Petition to have anti-LGBT adoption bill removed

Jamie McGonnigal and Sean Carlson, a Maryland couple in the process of adopting a child, recently started a new Care2 petition calling on U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt, R-Ala., and the rest of his colleagues in Congress to pull an amendment to a bill funding the Departments of Health, Labor and Education that punishes states that won’t give state or federal dollars to religious-based adoption agencies that refuse to place children with LGBTQ parents.

via Tammye Nash/Dallas Voice

Carlson said he and McGonnigal “challenge” Aderholt to “come sit across from us at our dinner table and tell us we aren’t qualified to be parents.” He said that even though “every aspect of our lives and qualifications” have been evaluated, if Aderholt’s amendment passes, “we could be eliminated before ever being considered, just because of who we are and who we love.”

He continued, “The only thing that matters is the best interests of children, and this bill does nothing to advance that. I dare you to look a child in the face who is seeking a forever home and tell that [you] ruled out a prospective family because they are gay. It’s monstrous.”

In their petition, McGonnigal and Carlson point out that children wait an average of two years to be placed in a home, meaning that “we need more parental candidates, not fewer. There’s no rational reason for this rule, and [Aderholt] needs to pull his amendment.”

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