Triumphant surrogacy stories from New Life Global Network

New Life Global Network was established because of a strong belief that everybody deserves happiness of parenthood. The head office was founded in 2008 – in Tbilisi, Georgia. Since that time the Network has extended to successful operations in Mexico, Georgia, Ukraine, India, Kenya, Poland, South Africa and Asia.

The Network’s Fertility Services Include:

This is the successful testimony from a family who worked with New Life in Thailand and Cambodia:

My partner and me were together for 5 or 6 years, before the first thought about having a family was appearing. I would describe us a a happy young couple at that time. The big party times were already gone and we started to focus more on our jobs and our life as a couple. I would say, I was the first to say for himself, that only job and relationship will not be enough for me in my life. I was searching for a bigger task, a reason to live.

The more we talked, the more the idea of having a baby grew stronger and stronger. We tried with adoption, but no sucucces. And then we had our first contact with a Ukrainian surogacy agency. We started the process, but failed in the first attempt. They even didn´t manage to freeze embryos to have a second try. So we needed a new donor.

This time we had a Russian clinic. I went there, paid, left my sperm. And then they were supposed to start the second try. But they just didn´t. They took our money and just didn’t do anything.

As we were not willing to go through a court process in Russia, we said goodby to our dreams for a while. But we knew, that if we would ever try it again, we would need an agency, that is operating internationally. A company that has a name it could loose and not some little office that can open and close any time.

So after a while I fould out about Newlife. We started to exchange some emails and they recommended, to give it a try in Thailand. Back then Thailand was a democracy and surrogacy was not reglemented yet. So we went to Bangkok, got to know our lovely surrogate mother and the egg donor. We were successful at the second try and were very excited about the whole process.

Unfortunately, just a few weeks before our son was born, surrogacy was being banned in Thailand. So we went there with a strange mixture of feelings. Happy to await the birth of our son, but very unsure, when we will be able to return home. But even though, Newlife had to close their office, they never left us alone. Stephanie was always there for us if we needed help. And in the end everything went as smooth as it could get. Five after birth we were on our way home.

And our dream of a family came true. I have to say, my son gave me what I expected. I never asked myself the question of the “sence of life” again. But he gave me so much more than that. I think, before you have a child, you have no idea, how close you can be to a person. I love my boyfriend and I love my parents, but what you can have with your own child is beyond comparison.

It could have stayed like that forever. But after about one and a half years, we started to think about number two. So we contacted Newlife again. We had to move to Cambodia this time, but already on the first try, our surrogate mother got pregnant and now we await the birth of our next family member in a few months. In the meantime, surrogacy was prohibited in Cambodia as well. But with our experience trom Thailand and Newlife in our side, we await the birth of our child quite relaxed. May everything go as smooth and joyful as the last time. Best regards, Johannes

New Life Mexico is the leading branch of New Life Global Network of IVF clinics and surrogacy & egg donation agencies. Founded by globally reputed professional Dr. Mariam Kukunashvili, the network has been able to reach strategic corners of the globe with Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). High success rates in IVF, surrogacy and egg donation programs have turned New Life Global Network into a trusted destination.