New film documents lives of children living with LGBT parents


Gayby Baby is an Australian film documenting the lives of young people growing up with same-sex parents. Director Maya Newell was raised by lesbian mothers, and she has a desire to give voices to an upcoming generation of young people from LGBT families.

Although the film doesn’t have a US release date, it premiered in Australia at the Sydney Film Festival in June 2015 and will be released theatrically in September 2015.

The inspiration for the film came from watching lots of politicians and listening to them for years and years, talking about our families and marriage equality saying that ‘all children deserve a mother and a father’,” Newell says.

“Generally, I don’t think we look to the perspective of children very often, we don’t think they have a sense of agency or opinions or wisdom. Some of the kids totally surprised me in the making of this film, like these four kids are really smart and intelligent and have an incredible sense of morality and as Matt [one of the kids featured] says in the film, sometimes they have better ideas than adults. I really believe that.

“It’s a very affirming thing to know that you’re not alone… this film can speak for a lot of kids and when others watch it, they will know that they’re not alone.”

Newell is confident that the central message of love, support and the reality of parenting came through in her film.

The documentary’s funding was raised through a crowdfunding campaign and government grants.

via Star Observer