7 Modern Baby Gifts that Grow into Adulthood

Most newborn baby gifts are usually something fluffy, pastel colored and useless after a baby reaches the next age milestone. Instead of buying a throwaway baby present, revamp your gift-giving list with seven modern ideas that will be useful from the day you give it to a child until the time he reaches adulthood.

Dad and Baby

One: Buy Identity Theft Protection

Locking down your online ID is a practical necessity these days so it’s never too early to protect your family’s virtual security. Children are easy targets for identity thieves because they have no credit background and their social security numbers are ripe for the picking. LifeLock is an easy way protect your child’s identity and is a security gift that can seamlessly transition into adulthood.

Two: Start a College Fund

As a parent, the thought of paying for your kid’s college expenses can be daunting, especially as the costs for a higher education skyrockets. Saving for college doesn’t have to be an anxiety filled experience. Start a college fund when your child is born. The gift of a college education fund allows you and your family members who want to contribute a head start on making an an educational investment in your child.

Three: Plant a Fruit Tree

There is nothing as delicious as juicy, sweet and fresh fruit picked from the tree. Plant your child’s favorite fruit and let it grow into a bountiful tree. As your child grows and matures, so will the tree. When your child is an adult, the tree will be a symbol of how much he has grown.

Four: Open a Bank Account

Many times, family and friends want to give cash as gifts. Why not save that cash and put it in a bank account for your child? Occasionally, you can use that money for things your child wants as he gets older. You also can use the account to teach your child financial responsibility. By the time the child is an adult, the money can go towards his first apartment when it’s time to move out.

Five: Purchase a Star

Looking at the stars will be a whole new experience for you and your baby with this unique gift. When you buy your child a star, the International Star Registry will send you a certificate of dedication showing that a specific star is named just for your child. As your child grows up, you can enjoy the star together.

Six: Invest in a Stock

By a company stock that has strong investment potential so your baby can benefit from the investment strategy over the long run. While it will take some time to research a company, purchase stock that makes the most sense for you and your baby so it can be the perfect long-term gift with a sweet financial bonus.

Seven: Make a Memory Blanket

A memory blanket is nearly free to make and probably more thoughtful than any gift that costs you money. Collect some of your child’s receiving blankets, shirts and old bibs, and create square pieces of fabric that can then be sewn together to create a blanket. As your child grows up, you can add more memorable experiences to the blanket. When he reaches adulthood, he will have a beautiful blanket that represent precious years of childhood memories.

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