Using a Sperm Donor On the Rise as More People Want Children

A sperm donor is someone who provides the biological material necessary to fertilize an egg to produce a child. Many people all over the world use this resource when they are unable to provide their own source of sperm.

Some single women would like to have children but do not have a male partner who can provide assistance. Because women have a shorter timetable for reproduction activities than men do, many women feel the need to act more quickly if they are going to have a child. Some women have not met partners because they have been focused on education, career or other life events. They may work or live in an area that does not bring potential reproductive candidates into their lives. Other women may have had bad relationships with men and do not want the emotional entanglements a relationship has. These women can use sperm donation to conceive on a timetable that is convenient for them.

Couples who have trouble producing sperm may also use this process to conceive. Lesbian couples do not have the means to produce fertilization on their own and might use this source to start a family.

Other couples may have a male partner that cannot produce healthy sperm and turn to sperm donation. Many times these couples have tried to conceive for a long time with no results only to find that their sperm quality is not good either in quantity or motility. By selecting a donor who is a match for them, they may be able to have a child.

Sperm donors are carefully screened. They must be healthy and free from STDs or other diseases. They must not have genetic diseases in their family tree that could be passed on to others. They are usually between the ages of 18 to 44 years old. Men who were adopted are excluded because they cannot provide enough information about their family medical background.

Some people are using social media to obtain matches for sperm donors. Recently sites have appeared that follow a dating site format in that people look for qualities in others they find desirable. Instead of dating, they find others who can assist in their reproductive quests.

Anyone who decides to use this method to create a family should consider what factors are important when selecting a donor. Physical appearance and ethnic or cultural background are matches most people want. However, there may be consideration about the donor’s religious belief system, political belief system, educational level or career. There is a suitable sperm donor for most people who need one.

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