How to Tell Friends and Family You’re Adopting

The day you’ve been waiting for is nearly upon you: A little pink or blue bundle of joy will be joining your family. If you’ve decided to pursue adoption, you may be eager to tell friends and family. While you expect many hearty congratulations from your loved ones, you may also be concerned about how your family will react. In honor of National Adoption Awareness Month this November, share the big news in a memorable way to get everyone excited about your pending adoption.

Build a Support Circle

More than 120,000 children are adopted each year in the United States, according to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. While the adoption process is highly rewarding, it can also be lengthy, lasting months or even years. Having a support circle of understanding friends and family during the wait can make this anxious time more comforting to prospective parents.

Send an Adoption Announcement

While some families opt to send an email, make a phone call, or tell friends and family about their news in person, others prefer to share their news in a more creative way. Sending “welcome home” adoption birth announcements is a personal way to share your adoption with others. Create a custom card with the child’s name and picture for a more personalized announcement. Also consider seasonal cards, such as a Minted Christmas card, that welcomes your little one home for the holidays.

Take Time to Answer Questions

Topics such as adoption often result in questioning by friends and family who may be confused or interested in why you’ve decided to adopt. Be prepared for an onslaught of questions, such as, “Why don’t you want ‘your own’ child?” or “What will you do if the birth mother changes her mind?” While these questions may come off as rude, most people are genuinely intrigued or worried about how adoption will affect you. Host a dinner party or family get-together, and discuss your adoption freely.

Give Others Time to Take It All In

While you may have had weeks or months to get used to the idea of adoption, your loved ones have not. Not everyone may be as keen to the idea as you, and you should respect their opinions, even if you do not agree. Give friends and family time to comprehend and vent if need be. Once they get used to the idea and overcome their prejudices about adoption, your loved ones will be there to welcome your child with open arms.

Host a Coming Home Party

Once you’ve welcomed your child to their new home, you may feel the need to celebrate immediately. Parties can be overwhelming to newly adopted children, so keep the first day home low-key. Once the child is more comfortable, host a mellow coming home party to allow friends and family time to meet your new addition. Custom adoption T-shirts from a service such as Café Press are a great way to show your excitement. Stay close to your child during the festivities to make him or her feel comfortable. As friends and relatives spend time with the new arrival, the lovable child will take priority, and all worries will be left at the curb.

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