How to Choose a Sperm Donor

Choosing a sperm donor is a very personal experience and something very unique to each couple or individual who goes through it. Choosing a sperm donor will take time and considered effort and below are some of the key considerations which will be relevant to your choice.
Choose your Type of Donor
There are three types of sperm donor. There are anonymous donors who will never play a role in the offspring’s life or be revealed to you. There are open-identity donors who are available to be contacted when the child turns eighteen, much like in many adoption cases and there are known donors who tend to be friends, family or acquaintances who are willing to donate sperm and may want to have a role in the child’s life or may not. Consider each of these types of donation in turn before making your decision.
Research Sperm Banks
There are a wide range of different sperm banks to choose from. There are some which are large corporations who have a huge number of donors whilst others are smaller and more specialised. There should be at least one local to your area but be prepared to travel if you prefer a bank further away. Some banks will ship sperm to you.
Build a Support Network
There are hundreds of websites and blogs which can be supportive when choosing your donor. From personal stories to academic papers you can get a real feel for how the donation process works and you can begin to form your own opinions. Does the racial background of your donor matter? Does his academic experience? These are factors you may well have to consider when it comes to filling out your paperwork so reading other people’s stories will really help.
Your chosen sperm donor will remain in your life forever, even if it’s just through their presence in your offspring. Making the right choice really does matter so take your time over the decision.

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