Egg Donation for Ectodermal Dysplasia

For many persons, egg donation as a solution is considered for reasons outside of pure infertility. Persons who either carry or have a disorder, called ectodermal dysplasia, may not want to take the risk of replicating this and therefore consider donor eggs of another person who does not carry this syndrome.

Ectodermal dysplasia is group of syndromes or abnormalities affecting the outer structures of the body. To date, around 150 different syndromes have manifested and been identified. Areas affected include teeth, skin, nails, sweet glands and facial structures. Research indicates that around 7,000 persons have been diagnosed with ectodermal dysplasia and the symptoms are not restricted to any race group, but possibly a higher prevalence in caucasian groups. These cases are very likely heritable or genetic, resulting in persons looking to egg donation as a solution to stop this abnormality.

Consequences of ectodermal dysplasia include thin or sparse hair, brittle, slow growing or abnormal shaped nails, potentially strong pigmented skin, inability to sweat, pointed teeth, poor enamel and the need for dentures from an early age as well as a prominent chin, wider noses and sometimes poor eye vision.

In an attempt to stop this genetic concern, egg donation as a solution is considered. More on egg donation in South Africa can be found on – a professional egg donor agency since 2007.

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