Being An Egg Donor in South Africa

Egg donation – a topic that impacts thousands of lives and a subject made possible by the many giving and willing young woman. Being an egg donor in South Africa is a unique and special experience mostly because these ladies are motivated by the need to make a significant and phenomenal contribution. The donation of human tissue may only be undertaken for ultruistic reasons, so really South African egg donors are exceptional!

What does the process of being an egg donor in South Africa entail? It starts off with a mindset of wanting to be part of egg donation, of being part of a selfless and miraculous deed. Once this decision is made, an application form (online to ease the process) is completed and submitted. In respecting and complying with egg donation guidelines in South Africa, only childhood pictures of egg donors are shown to recipients considering to receive donor eggs. This protects the anonymity and confidentiality of the egg donor. Consequently a public profile of the egg donor is made available in accordance with her donation criteria, e.g to whom and where she is willing to donate.

The actual egg donation process is a fresh and timed process whereby a recipient asks the egg donor to help her, through the egg donor agent, supporting the confidentiality matter always. Between all parties, the timing is confirmed and any specific criteria discussed and confirmed upfront.

Egg donors are psychologically and medically screened. This means a coaching session with a psychologist who specialises in third party reproduction to ensure that the egg donor is mentally safe and happy to proceed and will not be psychologically disadvantaged to proceed. The medical assessment incorporates an internal scan to check that the ovaries appear in order and a set of blood tests confirming the egg donor’s medical suitability to proceed and give a recipient a fighting chance of conception. Very exciting times!

Upon confirmation of the results, the menstrual cycles of both egg donor and recipient are synchronised with the assistance of the contraceptive pill. This can delay or bring on a period depending on which pills are taken, so a very useful tool.

The egg donor’s actual commitment is usually only around two weeks, where she is required to avail herself for around two or three scans over this time. She will also be injecting herself daily over this time with a small syringe to stimulate the ripening of the eggs. Every month, woman shed several (possibly hundreds) of eggs, so the egg donation medication is really to ripen SOME of the eggs so that they can be given to a recipient.

On the day of ovulation, the eggs are retrieved vaginally with a catheter under anasthetic or sedation. This does not involve any surgery or cutting, a retrieval of eggs from the follicles.

Being an egg donor in South Africa means that you are supported by professional fertility specialists who ensure you are cared for and supported medically, and emotionally supported by the egg donation agent.

There is no cost to be an egg donor and donating your eggs does not impact on your own fertility as the eggs would have been discarded any way. The process entails a gentle recovery of some of the eggs. Woman who donate their eggs may or may not have had children and need to be at least 18, with a healthy body weight. A fixed donation is offered for the gesture and inconvenience of the internal scans and efforts undertaken to be an egg donor.

So, if you want to be part of life at the very earliest stages, egg donation is the deed to consider. More about being an egg donor in South Africa online at

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