Why You Should Buy a Laptop for Your Teen

Florida is leading the nation in advancing technology for its students. By 2015, Florida schools will have to abide by a state mandate that requires half of all learning materials to be digital. The trend is gaining traction in other states, too. Get your child a head start on the technology tools he’ll need to succeed once he graduates by considering a laptop purchase now for these benefits.

Recording Lectures

Many educators recommend recording lectures for better comprehension. There are many distractions in school, from dropped books, to the guy in the next seat wiggling during lectures. Using laptop-compatible recording devices such as the Sony ICD-SX733D (less than $175) with Dragonfly speech-to-text software makes transcribing notes a breeze.

Online Study Groups

Professional Learning Strategist Rick Grossman recommends students form study groups to review lectures to improve performance. When you provide a reliable Internet connection from a service such as http://www.wirelessinternet.net/ for your student, meeting online allows groups to easily gather for impromptu support, along with scheduled face-to-face meet-ups.

Ditch the Heavy Literary Tomes

In an effort to get new information into students’ hands in a faster and less expensive way, schools from K-12 through college are shifting to downloadable textbooks. Apple offers special discounts for student Mac users, instructors and homeschool families.

According to Apple, students with access to a full range of technology tend to get higher writing scores, exhibit strong analytical and problem-solving skills and are more engaged in their academic career. Besides, carrying around a laptop is much less strenuous than toting around a dozen scholarly volumes.

Saving Money

Most schools offer deep discounts for software. Dell, Samsung and HP routinely offer discounts for laptops to students to the tune of several hundred dollars. A recent search listed the HP ENVY dv6t-7300 Quad Edition Notebook for less than $800 — without the student discount. It has everything your student needs to connect with instructors and classmates, plus outstanding video and music sharing capability. A current Dell promotion for students is offering a $200 gift card with laptop purchase.


It might seem obvious, but the portable nature of a laptop is highly conducive to boosting performance. Your student can access resource material, class notes, instructor contact information, and textbooks anytime, anywhere, provided there is an Internet connection or mobile hot spot available. So whether your students wants to stay connected during a mid-term break, or review the Jefferson Papers for an upcoming government exam, information is at his fingertips.

Preparing for Tomorrow

Computer technology is integral to almost every job sector today. While students gain valuable knowledge and experience using campus computer labs, having a personal device affords more time and freedom to explore technology.

Texas A&M and many other schools recognize this, and recommend all students who have the financial ability to buy a personal computer do so. In order to prepare for work in our technology-driven world, students benefit from owning, operating, and maintaining personal computer equipment. Laptops make boosting performance mobile and convenient.

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