National Infertility Awareness Week | October 28th – November 3rd 2013

Coming out of the closet: Why we need National Infertility Awareness Week: October 28 – November 3 2013
Although 1 in 6 couples in the UK today – that’s around 3.5 million people – face a range of problems trying to conceive a child, many still don’t wish to share the heartache with others and tell people that they are undergoing some sort of fertility treatment. Infertility is one of the last great cultural taboos.

National Infertility Awareness Week has been launched by patient charity Infertility Network UK, which wants to make this a HUGE annual event and see everyone involved in fertility taking part in some way.

It’s time to bring infertility out of the closet and push it much higher up the medical, social and political agenda.

For the first time ever, National Infertility Awareness Week will provide a dedicated and specific focus for the millions of women and men fighting this often misunderstood illness, and an opportunity for the doctors, healthcare professionals, psychologists and politicians to promote greater awareness about infertility.

And even if you’re not directly affected by infertility, chances are you will know someone, work with someone, or be friends with someone who is. And that’s a lot of people who are touched in some way. We’re on a mission to end the isolation and secrecy of infertility and we need you to support us in whatever ways you can.

So join us and get behind National Infertility Awareness Week! With 1 in 6 people in the UK struggling to conceive, we need to raise the awareness though the roof.

The aim of National Infertility Awareness Week is, quite simply to:

• Highlight the extent and impact infertility has on people’s lives
• Explain what options exist for people struggling to conceive
• Change the conversation and get more people talking about infertility

The fertility challenged should not feel ashamed: it’s not always easy to have a baby and there’s no shame in that! Only be raising awareness, spreading the word and bringing infertility out of the closet will people feel more comfortable discussing this illness.

We have great plans for this week, which will end with the biggest event in the UK fertility calendar: The Fertility Show on November 2-3.

We will be hosting a number of activities during the week, both online and off, for anyone who wants to take part. Most activities focus on advocacy and public education but we are aiming to have some fun, especially with our ‘Great Cake Bake’.

We are asking people to bake cupcakes and sell them to workmates, friends and family to raise funds for us. Maybe have a coffee morning, or just meet up with a few friends, ask them to make a small donation to I N UK and enjoy the cake! We also have over 100 professional cake bakers on board who are supporting this wonderful event.

If you are hosting a cake bake then please let us know; contact the team at who will send you a ‘Great Cake Bake’ pack with a poster and a sheet of rice paper cake toppers which you may like to use the decorate your cakes. We can also add you to our events page on the website and please remember to send us some photos of your event so we can put those on the website too!

This week will also be a focal point for our Talking about Trying campaign, so there are lots of reasons to join in.

Visit our awareness week website at and see how you can get involved. Whatever you do, please DO SOMETHING and let’s put National Infertility Awareness Week on the map.

Article: 28th August 2013

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