3 TV Shows With Realistic Adoption Storylines

From Angelina Jolie to characters Cam and Mitchell in “Modern Family,” the issue of adoption frequently finds itself playing out in the media. Unfortunately, the public attention showered on adoption is often hallmarked by a distinctive combination of negativity and inaccuracy. The good news is, adoptive parents, adopted children and those hoping to adopt children of their own can find relatable adoption stories if they know where to look. Shows such as “Glee,” “Modern Family” and “Arrested Development” do an excellent job of navigating the many complexities related to the adoption process, including agency applications, jealous siblings and much more.

With so many excellent adoption storylines on television, interested parties can form their very own ‘adoption’ television marathons to familiarize family and friends with the concept. As direct-ticket.net notes, such shows can be accessed at any time and in any place with the assistance of portable viewing devices. Keep an eye out for the following adoption-friendly television series:


“Glee” offered a bombshell early on in the accidental pregnancy of Quinn Fabray. Quinn wavered between wanting to be a full-time parent and wanting to pursue adoption so as to secure a better future for her child. Ultimately, she wound up making what fans widely regarded as the ‘right’ choice, giving her daughter up for adoption. The baby ultimately was adopted by Rachel Berry’s biological mother, a woman who had also given up her daughter nearly twenty years before. Adopted by a loving pair of gay dads, Rachel’s family story was lauded for offering a progressive take on the gay adoption issue.

Glee's Dianna Agron

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“Modern Family”

“Glee” is certainly not the only show on television to feature a storyline that includes a gay couple pursuing the possibility of adoption. “Modern Family” has also dealt with this issue head-on, with characters Cam and Mitchell working hard to convince others that they are indeed capable of raising a child. And unlike “Glee,” “Modern Family” offers a close look at exactly how difficult the process can be for prospective adoptive parents who happen to be gay. Given these difficulties, it’s no wonder Cam and Mitchell have explored such options as surrogacy. Their story shows that, no matter how far we have come in the issue of gay rights and adoption, we still have a long ways to go.

Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson

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“Arrested Development”

With a clan like the Bluth family, adoption might sound like the perfect escape from a whole lot of crazy! But unfortunately for Lindsay Bluth Fünke, that’s not exactly how things worked out. Instead, Portia de Rossi’s character was adopted by a set of parents that really wasn’t fit for a biological child, much less an adopted one. Growing up thinking she was the twin sister of Michael Bluth, Lindsay was able to establish a bond close enough that, had we not known otherwise, might have been assumed to be one of shared genetics. Portia de Rossi’s spot-on portrayal of the bonds that develop between biological and adopted children makes what would otherwise seem a ridiculous adoption storyline seem surprisingly believable. File:Portia de Rossi.jpg

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Adoption is a complex issue requiring complex storylines. It is treated with great care on such shows as “Modern Family,” “Glee” and “Arrested Development,” making the television a great resource for those who want to learn more.

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