South African Egg Donor

What could be more amazing that being part of a miracle. Many woman can say that they have contributed to the very core of what makes us human – the feeling of being able to procreate, to bear fruit and to teach and culture new life and mould and make a meaningful difference to the world. This great deed of parenthood is many times only made possible through a South African egg donor.

This deed is special, generous, selfless and awesome. It enables, without any harm to the egg donor, to be part of something so meaningful. For a South African egg donor, the process is anonymous and confidential. So whilst many of our egg donors have asked if they can please meet the recipient of their donor eggs for a coffee just to show them that they really are kind and beautiful. This is not possible. Although this complete anonymity aspects may appear to make the process impersonal and daunted with the unknown, it also enables a sense of empowerment and freedom for both parties.

Recipients know that their conception can be as priviate or as public as they choose to let on insofar as the South African egg donor is concerned for their loved ones and too for the child to be conceived.

For the egg donor, this decision is made at a time in their life when they can give this gift and they are not bound by any responsibilities or committments going forward. This makes the process of coming forward as an egg donor easier and more of a short term aspect.

Becoming a parent is amazing and puts love back into life, it makes stress and chaos worth all the while and for many this super miraculous process requires the support and assistance of a South African egg donor. More on this process and egg donation in South Africa is available on

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