Somebody named “Christian Knowledge” wrote this to me:

“We are made naturally for the opposite sex. Under normal circumstances 2 heterosexuals can make children when having sex. If for some reason it’s not possible for them to make children either by old age or infertility then they can still have sex because it’s still the natural way that God intended it to be. The openness to life is still there but the possibility for life is gone. In the homosexual act including bestiality there is no openness to life. What they are doing is intrinsically disordered and against the natural order of life. Man was not designed to mate with a Fish or another Man. This is unnatural and wrong. In no way can this behavior be accepted as normal or natural.”

While America’s mores (and the world’s) are changing rapidly, let us not forget that such bigotry still exists. We need to remain vigilant about educating America’s youth about the stupidity and sheer ugliness of such viewpoints. Our work will not be done until the Bible takes its rightful place in the fantasy section of our local libraries, alongside Twilight and Harry Potter (both of which are better written).

And as for the “fish” comment: If a man with a large cod-piece asked to mate with me, I’d be hard-pressed to refuse.

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