Primetime Parenting: The Best Sit-Coms for Dads

Whether you’re an expecting parent or a brand new papa, priorities change when you think about raising a child. From who you hang out with to what you watch on TV, parenthood reorients your life perhaps more than any other landmark event. If your typical primetime routine of sports and dramas aren’t peaking your interest like they used to, it’s time to focus your attention on shows that will help you develop parenting tools. Many popular sitcoms on TV have real-world lessons for modern parents. If you’re looking for a little parenting inspiration, sites such as can help you gain access to these family-centric shows. Who knows? Maybe these programs will even put the little one to sleep.

Modern Family

Following three sets of parents and different stages of life, “Modern Family” can teach something to parents with children of any age. Observe the Dunphy’s as they juggle the responsibilities of raising three adolescent kids. Catch up with Jay as he navigates the waters of step-fatherhood or follow the Cam and Mitchell on their journey with an adopted toddler. This Emmy-winning series has the humor and heart to attract anyone, but parents stand to gain the most from the modern lessons of these families.


Similar to “Modern Family”, “Parenthood” follows three generations of a family as they navigate through life together. With a unique comedy-drama format, “Parenthood” entertains viewers and provides thought-provoking scenes of sadness and contemplation. Perhaps no scene has provided more perspective then when Adam Braverman watched his cancer-stricken wife Kristina’s video message to her children. The touching scene is one of many that tackle difficult parenting situations.

The Office

For nine seasons, “The Office” has given viewers a glimpse of a typical American office — at least that’s what they told us. Really, “The Office” has connected viewers to some of the most distinct, memorable characters on TV today. For many seasons, the show centered around the ill-timed romance between salesman Jim Halpert and receptionist-turned-saleswoman Pam Beasley. Eventually, Pam and Jim got their act together and got married in what was a must-see TV event. Now the office’s first couple has to balance their work life with the responsibilities of parenthood. Viewers don’t see the little Halpert often, but Jim and Pam’s relationship isn’t all sunshine and butterflies anymore, as evident in a recent episode when Jim missed his daughter’s recital and Pam failed to record the performance. For working dads, “The Office” provides a picture of challenges the arise from balancing a career with parenting responsibilities.

Two and a Half Men

A show known for drama, “Two and a Half Men” is a sit-com that follows the life of a divorced father and his son. Despite the show’s low-brow humor and unrealistic nature, the father, Alan, is portrayed as a genuine man trying to do the best by his son, Jake. Loyal fans have seen this father-son relationship transform over the past 10 seasons.

Don’t let these or any other shows distract you from what’s really important, but if you’re looking for some entertainment you can relate to, these sitcoms are rich with real-world application for dads.

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