Bobby talks about wanting to become a dad at Building Families Show

TOWIE Celebrity, Bobby Cole Norris who is openly gay, staring in Reality show ‘The only way is Essex’, spoke about his desire to become a dad at yesterday’s Building Families Show, The Hilton, London. Bobby has confessed: “I’ve been doing a little bit of thinking and pondering and realised that I want to start a family.
“I’ve always wanted to be a dad and I’ve realised now that it is an option and there is a way around it.” Bobby adds: “I’m never going to find a wife, but I can find a surrogate, so I’m just looking for the right egg donor at the moment. “I’m gonna take the right person with me and go and have a good chat at the clinic.”

Chantelle Houghton from TOWIE recently bit back at Bobby’s comment that he wanted a ‘gaybe’ as he calls it, saying “I’m not against gay men being fathers, but it sounds to me that he wants a new accessory rather than a baby that needs love and attention 24/7.”

Bobby didn’t take too kindly to those comments, and took to Twitter to hit back at mum-of-one Chantelle. He tweeted: “Hugely disappointed with @chantellehought comments in @new_magazine this week #judgemental.” Bobby also wrote: “I do not “want a new accessory”, there is a major difference between wanting to be a parent and wanting a new bag #ridiculous.”

The Building Families Show brought together the world’s leading IVF & Surrogacy specialists, including the leading parenting connection website Pride Angel which has over 21,000 members including egg donors, sperm donor and co-parents from around the world.

Erika co-founder of Pride Angel, and daughter Emily who is a huge fan of Bobby was delighted to be photographed with the TOWIE star.

Article: 7th April 2013 Pride Angel

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