Is America growing more liberal? It depends. On the subject of gay marriage the answer is yes. Legalizing marijuana? Yes. But the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake reports that the nation is trending more conservative when it comes abortion and gun control.

Compiling polls from the Post, Gallup and CBS News from 1995 to the present, Blake’s article shows divergent trends on these issues. How might these trends affect the queer community? Along with greater opportunities for queer couples to marry, the community might experience a loosening of adoption restrictions. If you want to lower abortion rates, it can be argued, one way to achieve this is to allow queers to marry and adopt children who are unwanted by their pregnant mothers. American society may be poised to embrace the viewpoint. This odd state of societal affairs may eventually result in an explosion of diversity in American households. May it happen soon!

Hal W. Lanse, PhD is the queer adoptive parent of an adult son and the author of The Rainbow Curriculum: Teaching Teens About LGBT Issues.

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