Egg Donation Bank

The role and responsibility of an egg donor agency is significant. It is crucial that egg donors avail themselves for the full course of treatment to optimise the egg donation program and ensure highest chances of egg donation success. An egg donation bank or donor egg agency has a database of carefully screened egg donors who can be matched to egg donation recipients or people looking for donor eggs immediately.

South African egg donation programs are offered worldwide and to local South Africans wanting an egg donation pregnancy. All efforts and facilitative directions are made to optimise the egg donation treatment. Egg donors come in for frequent scans to monitor the required medication and scans are undertaken to get an idea of the number of follicles and estimated maturity date of the donor eggs.

A reputable egg donation bank will be monitoring progress of the egg donation program for egg donation recipients and guiding the egg donors throughout the egg donation process. This requires constant input and dedication. The egg donation clinic needs to be available for questions and direction for all parties throughout the process.

baby2mom Egg Donation – has facilitated hundreds of egg donation programs and recipients of donor eggs have had the process managed as optimally as possible. Egg donation success records are optimal as baby2mom works with reputable fertility clinics in South Africa – who provides best care and treatment for people needing egg donation. The egg donation bank assesses the needs and requirements of all parties involved to offer a respectful, reputable and professional offering to all people involved.

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